Matre Forestry Newsletter

MFC Provides a free quarterly newsletter that keeps our subscribers up to date on our available properties and hunting leases, Southeast United States land and timber markets and economic conditions affecting those markets, common sense timber and wildlife management and investment articles, and related current events.  We also send out occasional email blast regarding available properties, hunting leases, and land and forestry related current events important to our subscribers.  We keep our subscriber list confidential, we only send out emails occasionally, and you can manage your subscription or unsubscribe anytime.  Following are our past quarterly newsletters:

  • 2018 August:  Matre Forestry Newsletter Contest
  • 2018 July:  Short Pulpwood Rotation vs. Sawtimber Rotation
  • 2017 November:  Real World Look at No Thin Pine Rotation Vs. Thinning Vs. Ag Lease
  • 2017 August:  6 Common Deer and other Wildlife Management Misconceptions
  • 2017 July:  Drop the Hunting Lease because You, yes You, can Buy Land
  • 2017 January:  2017 Georgia Land Market Overview
  • 2016 August:  Woodland Security:  Trust but Verify
  • 2016 March:  Pine Seedlings Today - They have Grown a Long Way
  • 2015 August:  Valuing Timberland & Farmland Dirt
  • 2015 May:  Timber Sale Methods Study (a look at the effectiveness of the primary timber sale methods, pre-recession and in-recession).  TIMBER SALE METHODS STUDY SUPPLEMENT
  • 2015 January:  How Many Planted Pines Should be Left after a First Thinning?
  • 2014 June:  Do Forestry Consultants get Premium Timber Prices?
  • 2013 Quarter 3:  Why Should You Hire A Land Broker?
  • 2013 Quarter 2:  Historical & Future Timber Price Growth
  • 2013 Quarter 1:  How well does Pine Sawtimber & Land Values Correlate to Lumber Prices?
  • 2012 Quarter 4:  Comparing Financial Performance of Different Harvest Regimes
  • 2012 Quarter 3:  Maximize Wildlife & Timber through Groundcover Management
  • 2012 Quarter 2:  Should You Invest in Timberland or Farmland?
  • 2012 Quarter 1:  Exclusive Listings Verse Non-Exclusive Listings
  • 2011 Quarter 4:  How is the Changing Timber Market Affecting Returns & Management?
  • 2011 Quarter 3:  Thinning for Quality Maximizes Net Present Value of Pine Stands
  • 2011 Quarter 2:  Gut Check - Where has the Timber Market & General Economy been and Where are they Heading (with a few political jabs thrown in for fun)?
  • 2011 Quarter 1:  Timber Cruise Intensity Vs. Accuracy Vs. Cost:  Is a 10% cruise really worth it?
  • 2010 Quarter 4:  Prescribed Burning?  Why?
  • 2010 Quarter 3:  Valuing Cutover Timberland
  • 2010 Quarter 3:  Valuing Cutover Timberland power point insert
  • 2010 Quarter 2:  Are Consultant Timber Sale Commissions Worthwhile?
  • 2010 Quarter 1:  Are Pulpwood Prices High Enough to Justify Clearcutting Planted Pine Pulpwood?
  • 2009 Quarter 3:  A Look at the Anticipation Value of Land
  • 2009 Quarter 2:  Planted Pine Net Present Value Vs. Current Marketable Value 
  • 2009 Quarter 1:  Is the Cost of Timber Marking Worth it?
  • 2008 Quarter 4:  Timberland Investing Basics