Land for Sale in Southwest Georgia

Miller County GA Tract, +-24 Acres


  • Below is a USER FRIENDLY interactive map that has information, files, pictures, etc., and below the map is more information.  Following are tips for using the map:
  • Hover over the other various icons to see all that you can do, such as zoom in and out, switch base maps, look at important files/documents and pictures, see details, measure, go Full Screen, etc.
  • Click on place markers to see details and photos of that area.  Click on map features for more info, even soil reports for polygons.  Scroll through pics under "Media", and click on a pic to see it's location on the map.  

For more information, click "details" and "files" and many other icons on the above interactive map, and call Mike Matre at 229-869-1111 or with your questions, and to schedule a showing.